Challenge us to find you a better rate!




Challenge us to find you a better rate!


You can save money by remortgaging, and you can also borrow more money. We find the right deal for you from all possible lenders and help you make the switch. We speak English and Nepali, so with us it’s easy.

Your fixed-rate period on your current mortgage usually ends after 2-5 years. If you don’t remortgage, you may have to pay a higher interest rate.

Chat with us for FREE and we’ll explain everything you need to know! 

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Remortgage to Save Money

When your car insurance or mobile phone contract runs out, it’s a good idea to shop around to find the best deal. Remortgaging is similar but you can save a lot more money! By remortgaging you could save yourself thousands of pounds in interest every year.

Remortgage to Release Equity

When you remortgage you may have the option to borrow more money, to spend on other things. The Nepalese community often uses this money to help fund a Buy To Let property. Here are some common reasons you may want to borrow more money when remortgaging:

Has your situation changed?

Your situation may have changed since you took out your mortgage. You could be self-employed or have less income. Maybe your credit score is lower. But whatever your situation is, remortgaging is usually the right thing to do.

There are hundreds of mortgage products, and we’ll be able to find the best one for your situation. It’s FREE to chat with us, so let’s find out how much we can save you by remortgaging!

How we can help you.

Remortgaging can help you in many ways. Even if you don’t need to borrow more money, remortgaging will save you from paying more than you should. We are whole of market brokers, which means we can find the most suitable deal available to you. And we speak English and Nepali, so we can guide you through the process easily. You’ll be enjoying the benefits of your new mortgage in no time.

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What do we charge?

It’s completely free to come and chat with us!

If we find you a great deal and you decide to use our service, our typical fee is £595. This can be slightly higher if your case is particularly complicated, but it can also be lower. We’ll confirm your exact fee before you have to commit so you can make an informed decision. 

We’re so confident we’ll find you the right mortgage that you’ll receive a full refund if you’re not successful. In other words – No Mortgage Offer, No Fee.

Our typical fee of £595 is split into two payments to make it easier for you:

£100 is due when we apply for your mortgage.

£495 is due once you have received your offer.

Remember, you won’t be charged anything for your initial consultation, so don’t miss out on some free advice! 

Why use Gurkha Mortgages?

We speak Nepali

We speak English and Nepali, so we can help you understand everything you need to know.

30 Years of Experience

We’ve been helping the Nepalese community for 30 years and thousands of happy customers have used our service.

Whole of Market Broker

We have access to every product and we understand what every lender needs, so we can find you the best mortgage available to you.


We’re proud to have been voted Best Mortgage Broker in the South East! Awarded by the HLP Mortgage Network.

A time and place that’s best for you

We can come to your home or you can come into one of our offices. We’re open all week and Saturday morning.

Free Chat

Your first chat with us is completely free, you will get some great advice and there is no fee until you decide to use our service.

No Mortgage No Fee

We’re so confident we’ll find you the right deal that all fees will be refunded if you’re not successful.

Self-employed or unusual situation?

If you’re self-employed we can still find you a great mortgage. In fact no matter what your situation we should be able to help you.

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