Established Mortgage Advisors for the Nepalese Community. We serve the whole of the UK. Our head office is in Camberley. 

Making Mortgages

Your Happy Place

Making Mortgages

Your Happy Place

Established Mortgage Advisors for the Nepalese Community. We serve the whole of the UK. Offices in Camberley and Basingstoke

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With a mortgage you can own your own home and get on the property ladder. But getting the right mortgage is important so you don’t make a costly mistake. We’ll help you understand how mortgages work and what options are available to you.

We speak English and Nepali, so we can explain everything to you. We’ll find you the right mortgage, guide you through the process, and make it easy for you.


The fixed-rate period of your current mortgage usually ends after 2-5 years. At this point, it’s a good idea to remortgage so you can carry on paying a low rate of interest. If you don’t remortgage you will likely have to pay a lot more each month than you do right now.

Another reason people remortgage is to borrow more money against the value of their home. They may put this extra money towards buying a second property as a Buy To Let investment.

You have many options, so it’s important you get the right advice. We speak English and Nepali, so we’ll make sure you understand everything. We’ll help you make the best decisions, and guide you every step of the way. 

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If you want to protect your loved ones, having a professionally written Will is one of the best ways to do that. And it’s very affordable as well. Without a Will, if anything happens to you the law will decide how your money and property is shared and who will raise your children. This could cause a lot of trouble for your family.

You should make those important decisions now to protect your loved ones. We speak English and Nepali, so we can explain everything that needs to be in your Will. Having it professionally written means it will stand up in court if it’s ever needed.

Let’s get your family protected.

Biva from Gurkha Mortgages
Sujit from Gurkha Mortgages


Having the right insurance will help protect you and your family by paying out money when you need it the most. It can provide financial support if your family ever loses income due to illness, injury, or death. This support could help your family pay bills, expenses, and mortgage repayments.

There are many options and choosing the right one is important. We speak English and Nepali, so we can explain which policies you need and set them up for you free of charge.

Let’s get your family protected.


Gurkha Mortgages is a local, family-run business based in Surrey. We’ve been helping the Nepalese community throughout the UK for nearly 30 years. As part of Michael Usher Mortgage Services, we share the same customer-focused values.

We provide an honest, friendly service. Our aim is to help you understand mortgages, Wills, and insurance, so you can make the right decisions. And we guide you through the process every step of the way to make it easy for you. This is why we’ve had thousands of happy customers and many awards.

We’re a kind bunch and we love getting to know our fellow Nepalese friends and neighbours from all over the UK. Call us or pop in for a chat, we can help you in English or Nepali. This industry isn’t as scary as it seems you know; with Gurkha Mortgages by your side it’s a walk in the park!

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Spend seconds filling out a few questions online, or give us a call to book your FREE chat.


We’ll explain everything you need to know, find you the right deal and apply for you.


This one’s self-explanatory, just sit back and enjoy your new mortgage!